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Tower of Fantasy 3.0 Update Revealing a New Simulacrum Yulan

Today, publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio announced its latest simulacrum, Yulan, will join Tower of Fantasy, the hit free to play, open-world MMORPG on July 18. Yulan is set to debut in celebration of the major 3.0 update, Domain 9 Sector, recently released on June 27.

Yulan is a frost simulacrum who uses her elite martial arts skills to earn herself the reputation of one of the mightiest fighters in Domain 9. She is admired by all who dare to challenge her as she is able to enter a state of complete transcendence during battle, enabling her with unwavering focus and success. After recognizing her great skill, Master Yu appointed her Sundial Guard, entrusting her with the esteemed responsibility of protecting the Infinite Sundial.  Master Yu believes that Yulan has a ‘pure heart’, which ancient Domain 9 philosophers believe allows her to accomplish all she sets out to with ease.

In addition to her supreme martial arts skills, Yulan wields the most technologically advanced weapon in all of Domain 9. When used with timestamps, it creates an airstream, providing the effect of gloves. Not only does this help to protect Yulan’s hands during combat, but also greatly enhances the power of her punches.

-Press Release