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Super Mario Bros Wonder Rating Confirms Bowser As Villain!

Fans still don’t really know what to make of the upcoming Super Mario Bros Wonder title from Nintendo. After all, the game looks to be one of the trippiest adventures that Mario and Co. have ever had to go on. The world will literally warp in front of your eyes and do things that Mario titles have never done before. However, even with all of these big changes, there will be some familiar elements to it. The biggest among them is the return of Bowser.

This came from the official ESRB rating for Super Mario Bros Wonder, which is unsurprisingly “E For Everyone,” and in that description came the name drop of Bowser:

“This is a platformer game in which players control characters from the Mario universe as they try to stop the villain Bowser. Players traverse whimsical environments while jumping on enemies’ heads, throwing shells/objects at them, or tossing small fireballs to knock them off-screen. Boss battles contain more involved combat against giant enemies that breathe fire and smash parts of the scenery.”

Also, the ESRB rating says that “in-game purchases” will be possible…so make of that what you will. The game comes out on October 20th.