Suicide Squad ISEKAI

Suicide Squad ISEKAI Announced By DC Comics

DC Comics fans are definitely feeling some whiplash over the last few months. The DCEU basically ended in a whimper, the Arrowverse is now down to one show (with a reduced final season coming next year), and no one is really sure what the new DCU is going to be like. Plus, DC Comics keeps announcing new projects that clearly aren’t a part of the new universe despite James Gunn saying everything would be “connected.” Case in point, a new anime project was announced between DC and Wit Studio today: Suicide Squad ISEKAI.

What’s this project about? Well, it’ll focus on Harley Quinn apparently going to a fantasy world and causing some chaos there. We also see glimpses of Joker, Amanda Waller, some pig monsters, a dragon, and more! To be fair, Wit Studio is one of the best anime people on the planet. They did the first few seasons of Attack on Titan, and they did Vinland Saga, SpyXFamily, and more! So if nothing else, Suicide Squad ISEKAI will be easy on the eyes. Check out the teaser below: