Square Enix Announces New Manga and Books at Anime Expo

During their Anime Expo panel, Square Enix announced several new manga and books. You can find their announcements below:

Square Enix

Dress-Up Darling Official Anime Fanbook will be coming in 2024! Fall deeper in love with Marin, Wakana, and their cosplayful antics through this full-color collection of art, trivia, and interviews! sqex.to/Hkhmy


A Man and His Cat Picture Book will be coming in 2024! In this purrfect manga tie-in, a shooting star brings Fukumaru face-to-face with some kitty squiddies! Have they come to take over the world, starting with Fuku’s house?! sqex.to/WphKZ

Soul Eater NOT!: The Perfect Edition, vol. 1 will be coming in 2024! The spin-off to Soul Eater finally gets the deluxe hardcover treatment! Join weapon-in-training Tsugumi in her search for the perfect partner (or two)! sqex.to/pHQjJ

Just Like Mona Lisa, vol. 1 will be coming in 2024! Unlike their peers, Hinase has reached their 18th spring without a gender. When their friends both confess their feelings, who will Hinase choose, and who will they become? sqex.to/4iQPQ

Mobsters in Love, vol. 1 will be coming in 2024! Akihiro Kashima is the right-hand man of the Sawatari mob, and he has a secret. He’s been hopelessly in love for years—with his boss! sqex.to/fC8Fu

Victoria‘s Electric Coffin, vol. 1 will be coming in 2024! David’s life should have ended on death row… But what‘s an Electric Coffin, and why does the young genius Victoria Frankenstein want to turn him into one? sqex.to/FnUoL

The Villainess’s Guide to (Not) Falling in Love (Manga), vol. 1 will be coming in 2024! Luciana is now the villainess of an otome game! But instead of vying for suitors, she wants a peaceful life. What could go wrong? sqex.to/pyISo

Smoking Behind the Supermarket with You, vol. 1 will be coming in 2024! Sasaki is worn out from work at an exploitive company, and a cashier’s smile is his only comfort. But who’s this—a new smoking buddy behind the store?! sqex.to/VuDMt

After two lonely neighbors meet on a fateful rainy day, a relationship begins to blossom! Based on the novels that inspired the hit anime. Preorder The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten (Manga), vol. 1 at your favorite retailer now! sqex.to/1RRBD

Source: Square Enix Manga Twitter