Romance Light Novel Just Say You Won’t Let Go Announces 2nd Volume’s Release Date

It was announced that the second volume of Peter Rodriguez’s popular romance light novel series, Just Say You Won’t Let Go, is set to release in August 2023.

Just Say You Won't Let Go

The first volume was released on June 18, 2021, and follows the story of a boy named Haruto with perseverance, willing to go the extra mile when he meets a girl named Emina whose daunting parents dictate every step of her life.

The story continues where the first book left off, Emina and Haruto having moved forward with their determination to continue together, have to deal with all of the trials and unforeseen events that have been brewing during their brief courtship.

Peter Rodriguez describes Just Say You Won’t Let Go’s second volume as follows:

“Shioko, an aspiring writer that has just finished her debut romance novel, is at her publishing event. She’s there to tell their story.

A story about two people, total opposites and multiple missed connections. Initially as children, they continue to unknowingly run into each other as they grow up. Emina is a smart and good-looking girl, but downplays her appearance and is not good at anything physical. Despite her intelligence she has a hard time making friends…

Haruto is the opposite. He’s into sports, plays in the high school soccer team and is very popular. Unbeknownst, their relationship continues to deepen despite many emotional hindrances. As their connection grows, a troubled past and an unfortunate incident rallies against their attraction to each other and places Haruto in a different state of mind. In this inspiring story of love and overcoming obstacles, lies a more hurtful and emotional ride. A journey which will take you through a dimensional rift and a ride of feelings both inspirational and frightening. Can their bonds last through this dimensional gap? Or will they lose all chances and fail to connect forever?”

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