Remnant 2 Alepsis Taura

Travel to Alepsis Taura Faster by Changing Your Clock in Remnant 2

We’re back again with another helpful Remnant 2 guide; we know you love these. This time, we’re helping everyone trying to get that Void Heart for the Archon Archetype that was just found.

Normally, once you complete the N’Erud Custodian quest to shoot N’Erud into Alepsis Taura, you must wait 12 hours. Once you do and attempt to return to N’Erud, you’ll see an image like the one below.

But did you know you don’t have to wait 12 hours? Nope, there’s an easier way to do this. And being the person that I am, I figured I’d let you all in on the secret.


Launch N’Erud into Alepsis Taura Faster Than Normal

All you have to do is log out of the game and change your computer’s clock at least 12 or more hours ahead of when you logged out. In doing so, the game will think you waited 12 hours when you log back in.

remnant 2 - change time

Now log back into the game, make sure you’re in offline mode and head to the World Stone, and go to N’Erud. Except you’ll realize that you aren’t able to go to any of the locations and that Alepsis-Taura will now show at the bottom right of the map.

Remnant 2 Alepsis Taura 2

Head to Alepsis Taura; the location will look like you’re standing in clouds. Here, we’ll find the Void Heart, an essential relic for getting the Archon Archetype. Don’t leave without it!

Remnant 2 Alepsis Taura

That’s it! You finished the quest line and are one step closer to getting the Archon Archetype. Congrats!

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