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How to Reset Traits and Upgrade Relics in Remnant 2

While it’s really easy to upgrade a trait in Remnant 2, it’s a bit harder to wipe the board, which could be a pain if you decide to change Archetypes or want to maximize your butt-kicking build. But thankfully, it is possible, and as long as you have the materials to do so, easy to accomplish.

How to reset traits in Remnant 2

The process to reset your traits in Remnant 2 is straightforward, but it is costly, as you need to gather some materials and have some scrap (in-game currency). Then, once you have them, you’ll have to head back to Wallace to do the deed.

To start the process, you’ll need Lumenite Crystal x3 and Scrap x2,500. The Lumenite Crystals can be picked up after killing enemies or looting chests. The scraps, actually, might be harder to acquire as you don’t get much early on.

Once you have the required materials, head back to Ward 13 and then go give Wallace a visit. This is the same place where you first picked your Archetype. Wallace can craft an item called the “Orb of Undoing.” This item will reset all of your spent trait points, allowing you to start over again.

Remnant II - How to reset your traits-01

I can appreciate how simple this process is, compared to some other games. Just keep in mind that anytime you want to reset your traits, you’ll have to do the process all over again.

How to upgrade Relics in Remnant 2

The process to upgrade Relics, basically the Dragon Heart and similar relics, is similar. You’ll still have to head to Wallace. However, you’ll need to have Lumenite Crystals x10, Scrap x2,500, and Simulacrum, which is much harder to acquire.

You can get find Simulacrum from Cass, who’s located in Ward 13, but it’s pricey at Scrap x1,500, and it’s a one-time go.  Other than that, you’ll have to find Simulacrum out in the world, and it’s very scarce.

Remnant II - How to upgrade Relics-01