Remnant 2 – How to Get the MP60-R Handgun

When you first start in Remnant 2, you’ll only have access to your starting weapons, and since you won’t have any scrap/money, you can’t purchase new ones. However, there’s a decent starting weapon that you can find right at the start, the MP60-R, a fully automatic handgun. Once upgraded, it simply chews through enemies, and it also accepts mods and mutators.

This guide explains how to access this weapon and do some serious damage from the start. And while you’re here, be sure to check out our Remnant 2 review.

Unlock the MP60-R Handgun in Remnant 2

First, either play through the tutorial or head back to Ward 13. At the story’s start, Founder Ford will give you a flashlight, which is critical to getting this item.

Head back to where you first met Founder Ford, and you’ll see a chest in his room.

Remnant II - How to get the MP60-R Handgun-01

You won’t know the numbers to unlock it. However, Ford actually gave them to you. If you inspect the underside of the flashlight, you’ll see the numbers “0415.”

Remnant II - How to get the MP60-R Handgun-02

Entering these numbers in the chest will unlock it.

Remnant II - How to get the MP60-R Handgun-03

Once the chest is unlocked, you’ll find the cargo container key, which can be used at a different location.

Remnant II - How to get the MP60-R Handgun-04

You’ll then have to head to the north West of Ward 13, to the area where all the cargo containers are. It’s slightly right to the path Founder Ford took you at the beginning of the game.

Remnant II - How to get the MP60-R Handgun-05

Once there, you’ll find a locked door at the end of the twisting hallway. It’s here that you’ll use this key.

Remnant II - How to get the MP60-R Handgun-06

Upon opening the door, you’ll find the MP60-R resting on a desk to the left.

Remnant II - How to get the MP60-R Handgun-07

Remnant II - How to get the MP60-R Handgun-09

You may also notice there’s another weapon behind the glass. Please don’t waste your time trying to get to it, as you won’t be able to access it until later in the game.