Remnant 2 – How to find the Ornate Key and Lockbox

Ever since I started playing Gunfire Game’s Remnant 2, and I highly recommend you play it as well, I’ve been trying to solve one mystery after another. One such mystery is the one that has players tasked with finding an Ornate Lockbox that is supposed to be somewhere in Widow’s Court. The only problem is that you aren’t given any direction, and that area is mighty big.

But I’m happy to report that we can close the case on this mystery, as I’ve finally found it, and I’m going to tell you how to find it as well.

Where is that blasted Ornate Lockbox in Yaesha?

Where you are, head back to Yaesha and go to the spot where you found the deceased fellow on the ground.

Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-00

Here’s what the note in his cold, dead hands says.

Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-01

Now, you see that hole in the ground just north of him? Jump down it, but be careful. It’s both deep, and there are a few enemies in there. This is also where you find the Tarnished Key, so grab it if you haven’t.

Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-02

Now, head down that tunnel that is either in front or behind you. Follow it, and keep left.

Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-03


Eventually, you’ll see a chest at the end of the tunnel. Grab the goodies if you haven’t.

Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-04

Directly to the left of the chest is a fake wall. Walk through it.

Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-05

There will be an elevator on the right side. Ride it to the top.

Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-06

After getting off the elevator will be the Ornate Lockbox right in front of you.

Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-07

Now that you have it, head to your menu and interact with it. You’ll use the key to open the Ornate Lockbox.

Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-08

Inside you’ll find a Thaen Seed.

Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-09

Take this seed back to Ward 13 and plant it in the garden.

Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-10

Over the course of time of you playing the game and logging in/out, the seed will grow.

Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-11

Eventually, the seed will grow into a full tree and will allow you to pick Mature Thaen Fruit. This first is pretty useful and, once consumed, will allow you to be revived after a fatal blow and become immune to status effects for 30 seconds.

Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-12 Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-13

Of course, there’s an alternate means where if you don’t open the box, you’ll be able to get the Red Doe Sigil. We’ll over that in this guide.

I hope you enjoyed this Remnant 2 guide. If so, be sure to check out some of our others and our Remnant 2 review.