Pokemon Sleep Is Becoming Available World-Wide

Pokemon Sleep, developed by Japanese studio Select Button and Niantic, is becoming available worldwide in one area at a time, but fans of Pokemon can be excited because it seems we will all have access to the game by the end of the week. For those that are worried about not getting the game, the good news is I, myself, have pre-ordered the Pokemon Go Plus+ button, and mine is set to be delivered anytime between July 19th and July 21st.

What We Think So Far

Pokemon Sleep

So far, the early players have already been sharing their thoughts online, and more people are jumping on as it releases in their location. Some players are already sharing how the game is helping their sleep schedule already because players can set the time that they want to go to sleep. For example, if we set our bedtime to 11:00 pm, the game will send a notification to our phone 30 minutes before our bedtime, letting us know it is time to get ready for bed. However, should we miss our bedtime, as one player shared on Reddit, the game won’t punish us, but we might not get as many rewards if we do miss a couple of hours of sleep. This made me happy to hear, so if I decide to stay up late reading on my Kindle Paperwhite, I won’t get in trouble with my adorable Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep.

Players will need to leave their phones plugged in all night in order for them to keep track of their whole sleep schedule, as it drains their battery very quickly. Some users have shared concerns about their phones getting too hot. This is something we hope can be avoided by using a Smart Watch or the Pokemon Go Plus+ device. This is something I will be testing out in my review later this month.

Other people who have already used the game for the first night were lucky enough to already get a Shiny Pokemon. Think about how amazing it’ll be to just wake up and have a Shiny Pokemon waiting for you. I am truly very excited about this game, and I am hyped to see it won’t be much longer before I can download it onto my iPhone.