Persona 3 Reload English Audio and Gameplay Revealed

Atlus revealed the first English gameplay and audio performance for Persona 3 Reload.  It was revealed at the Anime Expo on the first full moon date of July 3, 2023.

We finally get to hear the first English audio of the game with the new voice cast.  In order of appearance, we hear Heather Gonzalez as Yukari Takeba,  Zeno Robinson as Junpei Iori, Suzie Yeung as Fuuka Yamigishi, Allegra Clark as Mitsuru Kirijo, and lastly Alejandro Saab as Akihiko Sanada.  We see in the trailer more gameplay, voiced conversations, and new events that were not present in the original Persona 3 games.

Also at the same time, we got the Japanese trailer as well. Unlike the English version, the original voice cast will return for the remake. With Mamiko Noto as Fuuka, Rie Tanaka as Mitsuru, and Hikaru Midorikawa as Akihiko. See below to hear the comparison.

At the panel, we also got to hear the actors do their lines including many fan favorites.

Credit: FazPersona

Lastly, we also get new sprite artwork for Mitsuru, Fuuka, and Akihiko as well as screenshots of the game.

The next full moon update will be in a month’s time, so around August 1st. And after that is August 30th.  So be sure to check back on those dates for the next Persona 3 Reload news update. Hopefully, we hear news of the rumored Switch version.

Persona  3 Reload is scheduled for an early 2024 release for Xbox Series X/S, Ps4, Ps5, and PC.