Oni Press to Publish ARMY OF ONE by Tony Lee and Yishan Li

Oni Press is publishing ARMY OF ONE by New York Times-bestselling author Tony Lee and artist Yishan Li in March, 2024. This original graphic novel provides a fresh and original take on the concept of the multiverse and the hero’s journey.


A thousand years ago, a mighty battle pitched two of the greatest sorcerers against each other, Brother Havoc and Sister Fortune. In the end, Brother Havoc won, shattering his rival into a thousand shards. Now, a millennia later, teenager Carrie Taylor not only learns that she is one of these shards, but that each shard created an alternate universe, with multiple versions of her out there—and a great evil is bent on destroying them all. Carrie must team with a handful of “alternate” Carries from across the universes to fulfill a prophecy that will bring Sister Fortune back from limbo to defeat this evil, but the more Carrie travels from broken universe to broken universe, she realizes she might not be working for the “good guys”—nor, perhaps, is she one of these shards after all. If that is indeed the case, then who is she?

“When we pitched this, multiverse stories in comics were rare, but now they’re ten-a-penny,” said Tony Lee. “But over the years, the story changed and grew as we progressed deeper into it; it became less about the worlds, and more about the loneliness of a character while surrounded by others, and how even one person can create a revolution. Finishing the third book in the series during a global pandemic really brought that home, and after four years wait since it was first announced, I can’t wait for people to finally see the journeys of Carrie and her fellow Shards, as they try to fulfill a prophecy given by an unreliable narrator!”

“Tony and I have known each other for almost twenty years and have been talking about working together for over a decade,” said Yishan Li. “So when Tony finally talked to me about Army of One’s story idea at SDCC 2016, I immediately said yes to drawing it. You have no idea how excited I am now to see Army of One finally released!”

“Films like Everything, Everywhere All At Once, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse have brought mainstream awareness to the idea of the multiverse,” said Oni Press Editor-in-Chief Sierra Hahn. “ARMY OF ONE tells a multiverse story in a way that only comics can — unencumbered by special effects and CGI— spanning multiple dimensions and realities to create a unique but universal coming of age story.”

ARMY OF ONE will be available in stores in this universe on March 5, 2024.

Source: Press Release