Nintendo Switch Lite Playing MK8

Nintendo Switch Successor In Developers’ Hands and Eyeing Late 2024 Release?

If you’ve been paying attention to the gaming side of the internet the last few weeks, then you know that one of the most recurring topics of the period is the question of the Nintendo Switch successor. Seriously, people won’t shut up about what MAY or MAY NOT be coming with the next console by Nintendo. As a result, there are all sorts of rumors and speculation coming out, and today was no different on that front. Social media below up when a report about Nintendo giving out dev kits to “key partners” went live, and then a follow-up one talked about the next systems potential specs.

You can see the breakdown in the tweets below, but essentially, the rumors stated that the Nintendo Switch successor will have portable play, but it may not have backward compatibility. It might also do an LCD screen vs. an OLED screen to cut down on costs. No word on graphics potential, but rumors say it likely will be Xbox One/PS4 level if we’re lucky.

But, just to be clear, and we’ve said this many times recently on the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast...DON’T TRUST THE RUMORS…until Nintendo gives their official reveal of the next system. Okay?