New Helldivers 2 Information and Gameplay Footage Released

During the recent 2023 PlayStation Showcase, it was revealed that the follow-up to the top-down isometric squad-based shooter, Helldivers, was getting a follow-up called Helldivers 2. However, unlike the first game, Helldivers 2 is now a third-person co-op shooter and shares several elements from other third-person shooters. I’m getting a Destiny 2 video (is that wrong?) Today, the PlayStation blog shared several updates about the upcoming shooter.

First up is that while Helldivers 2 has a new look, the same gameplay from the original game will carry over. Players must still prepare for missions by choosing the right weapon and gear. While the Stratagems, powerful tools of destruction and upgraded firepower, will return. According to the blog, players can access ” Everything from airstrikes to Hellpods containing bigger, badder weapons to defensive gear and extra supplies.”

Like the first game, the gameplay loop will have players dropping into a hostile area and are tasked with eliminating hostile lifeforms, who will want you dead on site. Death will be constant, but not the end, as both hordes of enemies or friendly fire will put you in an early grave. Cooperative gameplay with your fellow Helldivers will make or break a mission, and judging from the first game, playing the lone wolf role doesn’t get you very far.

Check out three minutes of gameplay below.

I have to say that I love the perspective change, and moving from the top-down to third person perspective will help get you into the action. I’m looking to get back into the action again, and I’m hoping that the PC version plays a bit better than the other PC ports we’ve seen in the past few months. I’m looking forward to kicking some alien butt with my friends, regardless if they blow me up or not… or the other way around.

Helldivers 2 is on track for a Fall 2023 release for both the PS5 and PC.

Helldivers 2 screenshot-04 Helldivers 2 screenshot-03 Helldivers 2 screenshot-02