Kid Icarus, Kid Icarus Uprising

Masahiro Sakurai Breaks Down Development Of Kid Icarus Uprising

The Nintendo 3DS will always be a unique part of The Big N’s history. It had to follow up the DS and did a fair job, but it didn’t sell as much as its predecessor. Plus, the 3D mechanic wasn’t as impactful as some of Nintendo’s other gimmicks with their systems. However, we can be grateful for the variety of titles we got on the platform, several of which brought certain Nintendo franchises into the limelight for the first time in a while. For example, there was Kid Icarus Uprising, a game made by “Project Sora” and headed up by Masahiro Sakurai.

In his latest YouTube video for his “Creating Games” channel, Sakurai broke down what it was like to make Kid Icarus Uprising and why he chose certain things. One thing he notes right off the bat is that he didn’t intend to bring back Pit at first, but it was a suggestion by Mr. Iwata to use a Nintendo character for his new title, and Pit was the one he chose. He also breaks down how he wanted the game to feel, how he wrote the entire storyline, and, yes, the issues that the game had.

Oh, and he REALLY wants an HD remaster of the title! Check out the full video below: