Manga Review: In Another World with My Smartphone Vol. 9

In Another World with My SmartphoneTitle: In Another World with My Smartphone Vol. 9
Author: Patora Fuyuhara (Story), Soto (Art)
Publisher: Yen Press
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 144
Genre: Isekai, Fantasy
Publication Date: July 18, 2023

The Story

The ninth volume of In Another World with My Smartphone sees Touya arranging a meeting between the leaders of Belfast and Regulus. Touya states that he can put an end to the coup in just one day. With the condition that no one is killed, Touya puts his plan into action. It is quite the comedic battle but Touya makes good on his word and returns control of Regulus back over to its king. As a result, an alliance has been formed between the two countries and Touya gets to add another fiancée to his collection in Lucia.

As a symbol of the two countries forming an alliance, they both agree to give up parts of their land and gift them to Touya as a brand-new independent nation! This makes Touya a king! Touya names the new land Brunhild but still maintains his home in Belfast… for now.

We then take a bit of a turn when Carol learns of Renne and her pendant. We end up getting a touching reunion as well as a nice backstory for Renne as a result. Once that’s settled, we return to Touya clearing out his new country of dangerous beasts and bandits. A suggestion is made to create a castle but the task is too daunting… that is… if you don’t have access to a floating magical warehouse that can literally make anything. Touya still needs to get the materials so they ask permission to demolish an old abandoned castle… there’s only one problem… the castle is haunted!

We close out the volume with Touya and the gang investigating this supposed haunted castle. What they find there is rather surprising and, yes, it leads to Touya’s harem growing even more!


MORE GIRLS!!! (and a boy! Wait, what?)

First off, the backstory of Carol and Renne was pretty touching. Carol is a member of House Rillettes, a noble house that was one of twelve that helped found the nation. Carol’s sister, Stephanie, just so happened to be Renne’s mother, making Carol her aunt. Renne is offered to go live with Carol and her mother; however, Renne would rather stay with Touya. Still, it was a pretty touching family reunion, and thanks to Touya’s overpowered magic, Renne can go see them at any point she wants. Home is just a gate spell away, right?

Outside of that, we are introduced to four more characters at the end of the volume; however, three we have met already.

Our true new character is a magical projection that lives in a painting. Yes, she’s female, and yes she is living in the new castle that Touya built. I don’t believe we got her name so I’ll just call her Frame (lol). Of course, there’s a bit more to Frame’s identity… more specifically her creator, but I’ll let you discover that tidbit for yourself. Just get ready to facepalm.

Right at the very end of the volume, we get a bunny girl, a cat girl, and a cat boy showing up at Touya’s new castle looking for jobs. They came via a request from Lean (who brought her bear Paula with her). In fact, they are some familiar faces. We’ve got Lain (the bunny girl) who used to be a soldier in Mismede but she apparently quit the military, then there is Norn, the cat girl who is the sister of Captain Garn, and finally, Nicolas Strand who is a cousin to Olga…. And that’s all we know about them so far!

At this point, I’m going to need a spreadsheet to keep track of this cast!

Final Thoughts

Another great volume! Touya ascending to the status of king was a bit unexpected but it’s cool that he gets his own piece of land that he can do whatever he wants in. Of course, it wasn’t just given to him without some so of ulterior motive. Both kings are hoping that Touya can clear out the land, make it safe, and open a trade route between Belfast and Regulus. Still, he gets a pretty sweet deal since under this agreement neither country will meddle in his affairs and never invade. In fact, if anything bad were to happen and it was Brunhild’s fault, Touya will just get a lecture!

I have a feeling that this is where all of the pieces of the floating fortresses will assemble now. We still have quite a few of them to collect but making this new independent country the resting place for them all makes complete and total sense. In fact, I often questioned what Touya would do with all of them once he found them but I guess the writing is on the wall here.

It’s just amazing how huge Touya’s harem is getting, too! It’s pretty diverse. We’ve got humans, robots, magical entities, and now beastfolk. I’d hate to see the kind of honeymoon they’re going to have once all of them marry him… when he turns 18, of course.

Not much of a cliffhanger as we just see the arrival of Lain, Norn, and Nicolas so I have no idea where we are going to go in the next volume. I can only assume more building up of the new country of Brunhild or maybe we start searching for the warehouse piece of the floating fortress since it was often mentioned in this volume. Either way, I’m sure it will be fun!

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