Manga Review: How Do We Relationship? Vol. 9

How Do We Relationship?Title: How Do We Relationship? Vol. 9
Author: Tamifull
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Digital
Pages: 193
Genre: Yuri, Romance, Comedy
Publication Date: July 25, 2023

The Story

Volume nine of How Do We Relationship gives us a glimpse into Miwa and Tamaki’s relationship. While things are kind of normal between them as far as Tamaki continuing to be shy and Miwa still being a bit of a klutz, an interesting note takes place in the bedroom. Tamaki couldn’t achieve the big O and even made Miwa question if she was any good. In addition, Miwa was in complete control the entire time which gives us some flashbacks to her and Saeko’s relationship.

Speaking of, Saeko and Yuria are progressing through their relationship but it gets put on hold for a little bit as we visit Saeko’s coming-of-age ceremony… or more of the fact that she doesn’t want to go. This sparks a few flashbacks and we get a glimpse into Saeko’s past… especially during middle school. This also becomes a bit of a hardship for Saeko’s mother and we see a bit of a clash between them as well.

At the end of the volume, Saeko and Miwa have a bit of a chat, and Miwa, as per usual, ends up getting a bit too drunk. Saeko takes Miwa home and is in the middle of washing both of their clothes when the worst possible-timed moment arrives!


While Miwa and Tamaki’s relationship ended up progressing a bit, Saeko was the main focus here.

First off, we learn about Saeko in middle school. She had short hair and was often thought of as a boy because of the way she acted. Also, she was more open about liking girls and that ended up isolating her from her so-called friends. This, obviously, had an impact on her which she kept from her mother… at least at first. Slowly, she opened up and, of course, her mother was very supportive but the problem lay in the fact that her mother was also a bit conflicted.

She was conflicted because while she loved and supported Saeko, she was disappointed that Saeko didn’t turn out to be the daughter that she wanted. She wanted a cute daughter that would wear dresses and be more feminine. Even as a small child, Saeko was a tomboy so her mother never really got to experience a “true daughter.” When it came to the coming-of-age party, she wanted Saeko to go… not for the experience but for the selfish reason of just seeing Saeko in a kimono… that way she could see her daughter in a feminine light for once. Of course, this sparked an argument between them and it caused Saeko to skip out on going to the event.

It still doesn’t explain everything that happened with Saeko. There were some unresolved hints about what happened to her when she tried to get a boyfriend. I mean, there were implications of how it went but nothing that was specifically said. I believe, at this point, it’s the final piece of the puzzle that’s missing for us to fully understand her as a character… although, all of the clues are right there in front of us so it’s not like we actually need confirmation.

As for Miwa and Tamaki… it’s nice that they are getting along but the sex scenes we got say that there are some kinks still to work out. It’s due to their individual personalities so their journey is more about becoming open and more adventurous with one another; however, in both couples’ cases, the theme of dreams and the future were also brought up. I have a few thoughts on this which I’ll get to….. right now!

Final Thoughts

The writing is now on the wall to bring the original couple back together. Without going too far into it to avoid spoilers, both couples are at a point where they are talking about their futures and there is some mental conflict happening there. When people start talking about the future, it’s usually inclusive of everyone in the relationship but when reading this volume, you kind of get a sense of “what if the future doesn’t include me?” type of vibe. Especially in both couple’s cases where, at some point during the series, they felt as if they were going to be tying each other down.

I believe that’s going to be the catalyst in both relationships for them to end. After all, this series was built on Saeko x Miwa and I fully expect it to end on that note as well. With both of them dating Yuria and Tamaki, respectively, we need a way for them to get back to that point. I’m really not a fan of using relationships to figure things out between two people who used to be together (maybe because I’m traditional and believe relationships should be made with the intent for them to last) but it seems that’s the case here. Which is a shame but I still really love Miwa x Tamaki!

So, now it’s not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when.” That also depends on how much longer this series wants to run. Vol. 10 came out in Japan back in February and it’s still ongoing so it’s not like the US is far behind in releases but you have to think that we’re getting close with the way things are beginning to play out.

Time will tell but until then, I’m still going to enjoy the ride!

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This item was provided for review by VIZ Media.