Ize Press Announces New Manhwa Titles at Anime Expo

Ize Press, Yen Press’ sister publishing brand, has announced some new manhwa titles at their panel at Anime Expo. Below are the titles that were announced:

Ize Press

Counters use special powers to hunt down renegade souls who prey on the living. So Mun hesitates to join them…until he’s offered a chance to meet his deceased parents and tell them the words he never got to say.

Child prodigy Ailette is a transmigrator! Will the perks of a top-tier support system and item shop help her survive in the world of a notoriously brutal time-loop novel and prove herself to be an S-class heroine?
When an obscure online novel ends, so does the world. With monsters straight out of the novel, and scenarios only he recognizes, can Dokja write his own destiny? Ize Press will publish both the comic and novel!
Souce: Ize Press Twitter