Sonic The Hedgehog

Is Sonic The Hedgehog Getting Some Remasters/Reboots/Remakes In The Future?

If you’re a Sonic The Hedgehog fan, you’ll know that life up until 2022 hasn’t been easy. SEGA and Sonic Team have been cranking out titles featuring the Blue Blur, but their quality was suspect more times than not. But then, one after another, things kept working out. First, there were the Sonic live-action movies that were surprisingly good (once they did an overhaul on Sonic’s look, thank goodness), then Sonic Frontiers came out and sold millions. We also had Sonic Prime on Netflix, which was well-received, and the upcoming Sonic Superstars looks to capture the fun of the original 2D titles. So the question now is, “What will SEGA do next?”

As noted by DualShockers, Famitsu talked with SEGA President and Chief Operations Officer Yukio Sugino, and Sonic’s future was brought up. his words were interesting, to say the least:

“Of course, we have to do new things, but as with all IPs, we don’t have new works or reboots. We will develop while selecting which is appropriate at this timing for each IP, such as ‘This is the best way to do this IP’. ‘Sonic’ is also SEGA’s signature IP, and in parallel with the new game, we are considering reboots and remakes.”

One could argue that Sonic Superstars will act as a “reboot” of the 2D titles. But if they do a more literal interpretation of that or simply go back to past Sonic titles and do remakes of them for the modern day, that could make gamers happy. But only time will tell how they pull this off.