Hikaru Utada’s Gold -Mata Au Hi Made- Debuts July 28

The much-anticipated upcoming single “Gold -Mata Au Hi Made-” serves as the theme song for the film “KINGDOM: The Flame of Destiny. Since its announcement in early June, the single has generated immense excitement among fans. The track is co-produced with A. G. Cook, following the success of “One Last Kiss” and “Kimini Muchuu.” Last week, on July 8th, film distributer Toho unveiled another trailer featuring the first verse and chorus of the single, further immersing fans in the captivating world of KINGDOM, accompanied by Utada’s poignant track, which beautifully captures the essence of the film’s melancholic narrative.

Hikaru Utada

The bold single artwork for “Gold -Mata Au Hi Made-” and Hikaru Utada’s latest artist photo, both revealed today, were captured by renowned photographer Takay, who also worked on the album artwork for their critically acclaimed 2022 album BAD MODE. The photoshoot took place in London during the early days of this summer. The outstanding white costume worn by Hikaru Utada in the photography was designed under the supervision of Kyohei Ogawa, stylist of Utada, and meticulously crafted by Tomo Koizumi, a highly regarded Japanese designer based in Tokyo, renowned for collaborating with top-tier artists like Sam Smith. Together, they have masterfully brought to life a creation that accentuates the essence of the song’s world.

 To celebrate the highly-anticipated release of Hikaru Utada’s upcoming single “Gold -Mata Au Hi Made-” on 28 July, an exciting campaign has been launched! In this campaign, 300 lucky winners will have the opportunity to receive an exclusive Original Gold Mirror featuring the cover art of the forthcoming track. Fans from around the world are invited to participate. 

Source: Press Release