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Here’s Everything We Know About Pikmin 4 for the Switch

Welcome to The Outerhaven’s “Everything We Know About Pikmin 4” page. You’ll find everything we know about Pikmin 4, videos, and much more here.

We’re pretty excited about Pikmin 4, as we’re sure you are as well. However, not everything may be correct, and anything that we find that isn’t correct, we’ll have it fixed. That said, here’s everything we know about Pikmin 4.

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What is Pikmin 4?

Pikmin 4 was announced during the 2022 September Nintendo Direct and is Nintendo’s fourth mainline Pikmin title. Pikmin is a game where players take control of small, plant-like creatures with unique powers and abilities. These adorable Pikmin will follow your every whim, so be nice to them, ok?

Pikmin has always been a weird game, and it is a Real-time Strategy Game. While Pikmin 4 will have a story mode, like the past games, many have also enjoyed the past games by getting past objectives and challenges, and this game won’t be any different. This time around, you’ll be tasked to save Captain Olimar.

Pikmin has also been a game where you can relax and let your worries melt away. It’s not a serious title…. that is, unless you make it into one.

Will there be any amiibos for Pikmin 4?

Currently, Nintendo has not revealed any plans for amiibos for Pikmin 4. Some think this is good, as amiibos are typically used to lock content behind a paywall. Others enjoy collecting amiibos to add to their collections. Regardless, there’s no news on Pikmin 4 amiibos as of yet.

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How many different Pikmin are in Pikmin 4?

There are all sorts of them, all with different colors and abilities.

Red Pikmin – These guys like fire and do well when it comes to attacking something.
Blue Pikmin – When it comes to water, the Blue Pikmin are your pals. But they also do well on the land as well. They also do this in a pitch when you need to attack something or transport treasure.
Yellow Pikmin – These guys are electrifying and dig pretty well. They are good for being tossed in the air as well.
Ice Pikmin – Point the way, and these guys will freeze whatever you need, including bad guys and bodies of water. This Pikmin is new to the series.
Glow Pikmin – They can light the way when things get dark, like when entering caves, and can stun enemies when the time occurs. This Pikmin is new to the series.
Purple Pikmin – When it comes to muscle, these Pikmin are your go-to creatures. If you toss them at enemies, they will also stun them due to their amazing strength and weight.
Rock Pikmin – Hard, heavy, and unbreakable. Good for taking out large enemies or smashing into crystals.
Winged Pikmin – These Pikmin can fly, which is useful for carrying items over water and other places. They can also battle enemies that can take to the skies.
White Pikmin – That Pikmin is poisonous and fast. But they can also survive in toxic places, unlike the rest of the Pikmin.

I’ve heard that you can customize a character in Pikmin 4

Yes, you would be correct. For the first time in a Pikmin title, you can now customize a character that serves as the main character and your avatar. It’s a bit more robust than we figured it would be, allowing you to customize your skin tone, face, hair, and more.

How many modes does Pikmin 4 include?

We are only aware of the story mode for Pikmin 4, but we’re also sure that the mission mode will also return.

Does Pikmin 4 feature co-op like the last game?

Yes, Pikmin 4 does feature a co-op or cooperative game mode for the story, but there has been a drastic change. Unlike Pikmin 3 Deluxe, where other players could join up and play as captains, in Pikmin 4, things have changed. While the co-op remains, sadly, it only allows a secondary player to help out by using an on-screen pointer that will let them “throw pebbles at enemies to stun them and unleash helpful items in your inventory.” That’s a big degrade from the previous game, and only time will tell how players react to this change-up.

Does Pikmin 4 have a release date?

Yep, it sure does. Pikmin 4 will be released for the Nintendo Switch on July 21, 2023. However, if you aren’t sure if Pikmin 4 is the type of game you might enjoy, there will be a playable demo available to try out.

This demo has a sustainable amount of content to try, including the co-op story mode and character creator. If you happen to try the demo at a local store and complete the demo, you’ll also score 200 My Nintendo Platinum Points, assuming you have an active Nintendo account.

Download the Pikmin 4 demo on the Pikmin 4 Nintendo Store page. Speaking of the demo, if you play it and decide to pick up the full game, your progress will be carried over to the full game.