Harley Quinn Season 4

Harley Quinn Season 4 Teasers Recap Last Season and What’s Coming Up

Harley Quinn Season 4 is arriving on Max (which is still a stupid name for a streaming service) on July 27th, and fans can’t wait to experience what brand of madness Harley and her crew will dish up this time. The first three seasons have been nuts in all the ways that matter, and it helped grow the following to almost a rabid level. Big paradigm-shifting things happened at the end of last season that will setup many unique storylines for the next season and Harley is fully aware of all of this.

To that end, two special “teasers” for Harley Quinn Season 4 have dropped. One is a small clip of what’s to come:

And the other is a recap of everything that happened in Season 3…more or less…read our review of last season here!

No matter what, fans are going to be diving into things when the new season arrives. So if you need to catch up, do it quickly!