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Exoprimal Will Allow Players to Select PVE or PVP Missions

During Capcom’s Exoprimal Showcase on July 10, 2023, it was revealed that a big change to Exoprimal’s missions had been implemented.

During the Exoprimal Beta, players could progress against another team via PVE objectives, which pitted them against the clock. However, at the end of each mission, you were forced into a PVP mode, and judging from the feedback that I’ve seen, most players didn’t like it, nor did I. However, during the Exoprimal Showcase, Capcom stated players can now select either a PVE or PVP mission. They can also elect to jump into a random mission mode that will switch between the PVE and PVP. Regardless of which is chosen, it won’t affect the story.

I couldn’t be happier about the decision to separate the two game modes, and hopefully, this will ensure more players will be eager to try Exoprimal out.

That said, it still looks like the cross-platform play is still a miss. According to Capcom, the Exoprimal will support cross-platform matchmaking, just like the beta. However, if you want to make a party to play with friends, that will be restricted to platforms, at least for now.

Xbox players looking to party up will be restricted to those on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows store copies. The same goes for PlayStation players, who will be limited to those on the PS4 and PS5. Lastly, anyone who picks up a copy on Steam and wants to party up can only play with other Steam users. Capcom has stated they are looking for ways to address cross-platform outside matchmaking.

That last bit of info seems perplexing, especially if you want to play the game on the PC like I am. Splitting Windows and Steam players is a bad move, and now I may have to look to play the game on console instead.

Exoprimal releases on July 14, 2023, for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.