Ayaneo’s KUN Handheld Features a Massive 8.4-inch Screen

For the past few days, the handheld PC gaming company Ayaneo has been teasing its latest upcoming Windows-based gaming device, the Ayaneo Kun.

When it comes to Windows handheld PC gaming, Ayaneo is no stranger to the game and has a vast catalog of handheld gaming PCs. While other devices such as the Steam Deck and, more recently, the Asus ROG Ally have been on the tip of everyone’s tongue, anyone who has dabbled in the handheld PC gaming scene knows the company very well. Now it would seem with the reveal of its upcoming device, Ayaneo will be putting everyone on notice.

Ayaneo Kun reveal - 1000x563

While Ayaneo hasn’t revealed much of the upcoming handheld device, it did tease a few things, such as the Kun having “perhaps the largest battery in Windows handheld,” with an image showing a 75Wh battery. For comparison, the ROG Ally and Steam Deck include 40Wh batteries, and that 75Wh battery is bigger than what you’ll find in most lower-end laptops.

demo for Pikmin 4

A massive 8.4-inch screen and possibly Hall Effect joysticks, Windows Hello support, dual circular touch pads, and four rear buttons for the first time on an Ayaneo device. Looking at the images, there’s also a USB-C at the bottom and a USB-A port at the top. Even if you disregard everything you just read, an 8.4-inch screen is exactly what handheld PC gamers have been asking for. I love my Asus ROG Ally, even with all its faults, but damn if I didn’t wish it had a larger screen.

It all sounds exciting. However, it also sounds pricey as well. Ayaneo isn’t known for its products being cheap. Ayaneo hasn’t stated how much the Ayaneo Kun will cost, but you can bet it will be more than its current flagship device, the Ayaneo 2S, which hasn’t even been released yet.

There’s no word on when the device will go on sale, but Ayaneo has mentioned that it will sell this via Indiegogo, which the company often uses for launching new handheld gaming PCs.

That said, this device needs to offer some serious performance and battery life, given that it will be godly expensive. With Ayaneo already competing with itself and the ROG Ally, the Kun will need to be both powerful and price-competitive.

So, if you’re always looking at the next big thing in handheld PC gaming, and price isn’t a problem, maybe keep an eye on this.