Ashoka Trailer

Star Wars Ashoka Trailer Highlights The Return of Thrawn and the Rebels

Star Wars fans have definitely been going through a renaissance of sorts thanks to a handful of good TV series and a couple of great video games set in the galaxy far, far away. But the one that many have had their eyes on for a while is the series focusing on Ashoka Tano. Played in live-action by Rosario Dawson, the former Jedi turned Rebel is going on a journey to reunite with old friends and have her face an enemy that could spell doom for the galaxy. Today, we got the official Star Wars Ashoka Trailer, and it looks pretty great.

One thing the trailer makes clear is that some time has passed since Star Wars Rebels, and not everyone is as “connected” as they were before. Sabine and Ashoka have a “difficult” relationship that they’ll have to work through if it means bringing down Grand Admiral Thrawn. He is a character who made his canon debut in Rebels and is shown officially in live-action in the trailer. We also see a glimpse of Ezra Bridger through a hologram, which might mean we get more of him in the series too.

We also see some of the new “players” in this dark game and some other familiar faces that might surprise you. Check out the official Ashoka Trailer below, then get ready for the series premiere on August 23rd: