Rebel Moon, Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon Gets New Featurette

Regardless of whether you like or hate Zack Snyder (my review of his uncut version of Justice League makes my stance very clear…), you can’t deny that the man has a passion for telling stories on a big scale and with some unique settings and themes. After leaving the DCEU behind, he was approached by Netflix to make multiple things for them, and his upcoming project Rebel Moon might just be his most ambitious movie to do. At the Netflix TUDUM event, he and many of the cast came together to talk about what it was like to make this movie.

As you’ll hear from Zack Snyder himself, he had the idea of this movie for some time, and he wanted to bring a really unique universe to life. The cast can’t help but talk about the scale, the training they had to undergo, and more. Plus, the Rebel Moon movie we’ll get on December 22nd is only Part 1 of this story! So check out the featurette below, and stay tuned for more about the film!