Nintendo Switch Nintendo Direct Mini

Yes, We’re Really Getting A Nintendo Direct Tomorrow

Trust me when I say that one of the most annoying things about being a Nintendo fan is having to deal with all the rumors and speculation about what The Big N has planned going forward. If we listened to the rumors, we’d already have the Metroid Prime Trilogy on Nintendo Switch, the Switch Pro would’ve been out for a few years now, and we’d have the Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War remake THAT I HAVE BEEN BEGGING FOR!!! …*ahem.* Another issue is that when it’s “that time of year,” just about everyone says that a Nintendo Direct is coming.

Sure enough, the month of June has been FILLED with those rumors, and as I and my crew have noted on the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast, you have to be wary of ALL OF THEM unless Nintendo specifically says one is coming. Well…they’ve said one is coming, and it’s tomorrow!

Now that we know one is coming, the speculation for the Nintendo Direct is about what will be shown outside of Pikmin 4. Given recent events, it’s logical to think that things like Persona 3 Reload will be confirmed for the console, and we might get a look at Everybody 1-2 Switch. Also, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC are likely to make an appearance. But it’s just as likely that Nintendo will have some big surprises as we don’t know of any major 1st or 3rd party exclusives for August-December. Not to mention, they teased that there were likely to be games announced for 2024. We’ll be sure to cover everything when it drops tomorrow!