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When Is The Next Pokemon Game After Scarlet and Violet?

This has been a going topic lately as players know the DLC for Scarlet and Violet is coming this fall, what could be next for Pokemon? With the massive success that is this franchise, it is a surefire thing that there will be another game, there has to be. While there hasn’t been an official announcement, we all expect that Pokemon will continue just as it has. But the question is, when will the next Pokemon game come after Scarlet and Violet end?

When Could The Next Pokemon Game Release After Scarlet and Violet?Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were released on November 18, 2022, and now the DLC is set to release this fall, 2023. This definitely opens up curiosity about what will happen next once it ends. Something else that can trigger curiosity even further is the new app that The Pokemon Company is promoting to be releasing this summer, Pokemon Sleep. This app is supposed to track users sleeping patterns via the technology in the Pokemon Go+ Plus device, your smartphone, or via your Apple watch. This is supposed to then determine what Pokemon are unlocked in the Pokemon Sleep app.

However, it is a sure thing that Pokemon is far from over, and it seems that the next game could release in 2024, but there isn’t any announcement yet. We also have the rumor of a new Nintendo Direct happening soon, as well as still wanting for Pokemon Sleep and the Scarlet and Violet DLC before we might hear anything more from The Pokemon Company.

For now, there is no official announcement on when a new Pokemon game will release, but there is definitely a lot more in store from the franchise for its fans.