Street Fighter 6 Ken Red Gi - outift 2

Unlock Ken’s Classic Red Gi in Street Fighter 6 for free

As you may or may not already know, in order to unlock the secondary outfits in Street Fighter 6 without spending money is to unlock them via the World Tour mode. To do this, you’ll have to find gifts and give them to the character whose outfit 2 you want to unlock.

In my instance, Ken Masters has always been my favorite character, and I was pretty upset when I found out that he didn’t have his Classic Red Gi. But thankfully, it’s pretty fast to do this if you know which gift works best. I’ve found that with Ken, giving him a cookbook tends to give you 5 points toward the bond level.

Keep in mind that you’ll still have to progress through the World Tour to unlock Ken before giving him the cookbook.

Where to find the cookbook in Street Fighter 6

The cookbook is easy to get access to first if you follow a specific questline called “The Spirit Guide.”

To unlock the questline, you’ll have to head to the Beat Street – Hong Hu Men area. This is also where you’ll find Chun-Li and head to for The Spirit Guide quest marker. Eventually, you’ll have a fight with a level 13 fight, so be sure you are leveled up enough.

Once that’s done, you’ll speak to an NPC at the market, and she’ll give you a ticket to Mexico. The Thunderfoot Settlement location on the World Map will be unlocked, and once you head there, you’ll fight with Lily. This will also unlock Lily as a master, once completed.

But once that’s done, you’ll notice a vendor who sells the cookbook. Purchase as many as you can, and keep coming back.

Once you take this gift to Ken, he’ll accept it, but he’ll also tell you at first that he doesn’t know if this will help. Afterward, he’ll ask if you’ve given him a cookbook because you’re roasting him about his cooking.

Once you hit the maximum bond level of 100, you’ll unlock Ken’s Classic Red Gi!

Street Fighter 6 Ken Red Gi - outift 2

Or you could just pay money.

If paying real money doesn’t bother you, you just purchase the same outfit for 50 Fighter Coins from the shop. Which can be accessed via the Multi Menu and then going to the shop option.

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