Razer Kitsune Chun-li Stick 1000x563

The Razer Kitsune is a leverless arcade controller for PS5 and PC

Just in time for Street Fighter 6 to hit the streets, Razer has revealed its latest controller called the Razer Kitsune. The Kitsune is a leverless controller, meaning it doesn’t feature a joystick and uses low-profile Linear Optical Switches instead for the directional inputs, a shorter actuation height, and a detachable USB Type C cable for the PS5 and PC.

The Kitsune will come in three different versions: Black, and Cammy and Chun-Li editions, and they all look amazing. All these versions will be made available at a later date, which hasn’t been revealed as of yet.

According to Gamestop, these controllers will be released on 12/31, 2023, but that’s likely a placeholder. The black Kitsune is priced at $299, while both the Cammy and Chun-Li Kitsune editions are priced at $329.99, leaving these sticks fairly pricey.

Razer Kitsune Gamestop

Prior to getting the press release, I’ve seen these controllers via a Street Fighter 6 live stream, and they are really thin.

Personally, I’ve always thought playing with a leverless controller was a bit more involved than using a pad or stick. On the same note, I have been waiting to try one out but never took the jump. Though with the Razer Kitsune arcade controller releasing this year, maybe I’ll finally give it a try.

What’s interesting about this arcade stick is that Razer has worked closely with Capcom on its development, ensuring it not only meets but exceeds the needs of professional-level players. Abiding by all Capcom Pro Tour standards, the Kitsune’s design carefully adheres to regulations, including compliance with the latest simultaneous opposite cardinal directional input rules. This adherence solidifies the Kitsune’s place in tournament legality, ready to be picked up and played at the highest level of competitive fighting games. 

Additional key features include:

  • Razer Low-Profile Linear Optical Switches for ultra-precise and instantaneous inputs
  • Slim Portable Form Factor for easy storage and setup
  • Cable Security Clasp and Tournament Lock Switch for uninterrupted gameplay (and tournament regulations)
  • Removable Aluminum Top Plate ultra-premium look and feel, the same materials as our Razer Blade laptops, removable to customize its appearance to your preferences and style
  • Razer Chroma RGB for additional flair during gameplay

The interesting bit is that Capcom had just a few months ago banned Hitbox arcade controllers from its Capcom Pro Tour and more recently, updated its rules. And yet, Razer has announced it worked with Cacpom on a leverless controller. Of course, the reason for this ban was due to how various leverless controllers handled inputs. But seeing how Capcom has worked with Razer, this is going to assume that Capcom has directed how things need to be handled. For more on the Capcom Pro Tour rules, check out this link.