The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Review, Nintendo Direct

Tears of the Kingdom Is The No.2 Game Of 2023 In The US After Just One Month

The wait was long for The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, but it was well worth it once we got our hands on it. The game was everything fans could’ve hoped for and more, and the immediate sales of the title showed that this would be one of the biggest hits on the Nintendo Switch. It did 10 million in just its first three days, and we’ll have to see just how well it’s doing after almost two months on the market. But, what we can say is that in the United States, just the physical versions of the game dominated.

That came from sources who track the NPD for the US, and they stated that Tears of the Kingdom is the No.2 game in the country for the entirety of 2023, only being “beaten” by Hogwarts Legacy. But as noted, that only counts the physical copies of the title! Nintendo doesn’t share its digital sales with these data crunchers, so it’s possible it could be the No.1 game in the US. Either way, that means it’s topped all the other AAA titles that have come out in 2023, and that shows just how much people loved the game.

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