Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois Survives Cancelation, But With A Catch

As we’ll be detailing in a special feature soon, the Arrowverse is basically dead. The only remnants of it were the “offshoots” that weren’t part of the main continuity, and as of today, there is only one left standing. Superman & Lois has been a beacon of hope and light in the superhero genre because it has had some incredible stories that are poignant and realistic without fully betraying that they’re in a “superhero show.” A great example is in this current season, where Lois Lane got breast cancer, and everyone had to react to it in their own way. With arguably their best storyline going on, many wondered if a 4th season was in the cards.

Given that all the other Arrowverse shows were gone, and Gotham Knights seemed to be next on the chopping block too, many weren’t holding on to much faith. But today, as noted by Deadline, Superman & Lois will get a fourth season…albeit with a few strings attached.

First, the 4th season will only be 10 episodes. Second, to help cut the budget, many cast members won’t be series regulars. While we don’t know who is going to get cut down, it’s not hard to picture what they might try to do to “save costs.”

Sadly, this is something that Hollywood has been focusing on lately and is part of the reason that the Writer’s Strike is happening. Studios want big successes but aren’t always willing to spend money to get them. Or, more accurately, pay people what they deserve to make things successful.

Hopefully, the lower budget and episode count won’t stop this show from being as good as it has been in the first three seasons.