Steam Deck Sees Discount During Steam Summer Sale

For those looking to pick up a handheld gaming PC, and have been having trouble deciding on which pluck your hard-earn cash on, then perhaps Valve may have just made it easier for you. During the ongoing 2023 Steam Summer Sale, Valve’s Steam Deck, which is an amazing handheld gaming device, is now up to 20% of its original MSRP. This brings down the pricing for all three models of the Steam Deck!

Steam Deck 64 GB model – $359.10
Steam Deck 256 GB model – $449.65
Steam Deck 512 GB model – $519.20

If you want my advice, I’d pick up the 64 GB model. Sure, it doesn’t have an anti-glare screen, but you can correct that with either a cheaper replacement screen from iFixit or by using an anti-glare screen protector. Then use the money you saved for an internal SSD or a microSD card since the Steam Deck isn’t suffering from the same issue as the Asus ROG Ally is.

That said, keep in mind that the Steam Deck is a Linux-powered device, and you won’t be able to play all the games that a Windows-powered device would be to. Still, at that price, maybe you’ll be willing to deal with that compromise. And when I say compromise, there’s still a massive list of games to play on the Steam Deck, including Elden Ring, Resident Evil 4, Street Fighter 6, Hogwart’s Legacy, Vampire Savivors, and so many more. Heck, you can even play Diablo 4 or with the PC Game Pass with a few tweaks.

Even though I acquired an Asus ROG Ally these past few weeks, I still find myself picking up my Steam Deck for some late-night gaming sessions, despite upsetting my spouse in the process.

Sadly, it would seem that the delivery times have gone back up, with the delivery dates ranging from 1-2 weeks. If that isn’t a concern, maybe a Steam Deck is in your future.