PRISM Project Announces Sixth Generation Talents

PRISM Project, a virtual talent management agency in the Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. family of virtual talent brands, announced two new talent additions to its roster, who will officially join as the agency’s sixth generation during their debut livestreams on June 9, 2023 beginning at 7:00 PM US Pacific Daylight Time. Jun Akane and Yuki Kitashiro make up the second wave of new debuts after PRISM Project’s transition into the Sony Music family in May 2022 and are also the first male-presenting characters to debut with PRISM Project.

Founded in January 2021, PRISM Project is a global virtual talent management agency headquartered in Tokyo, Japan boasting seventeen talented musicians, vocalists, gamers, and personalities. During its General Audition 2022, from which Jun Akane and Yuki Kitashiro were selected as finalists, PRISM Project saw the largest number of applications in project history, with over three thousand applications from twenty countries and regions worldwide. PRISM’s General Audition 2022 placed a strong emphasis on advancing candidates who showed outstanding promise in developing not only their abilities and experiences as online content creators, but in bringing together a group with diverse skills, backgrounds, and personal accomplishments. Audition evaluators assessed candidates with a particular eye towards identifying talents with the potential to push the boundaries of what virtual talents can achieve, in both the online and offline entertainment industries.

PRISM Project also revealed its sixth-generation talents’ character images on both its official homepage and its official Twitter account, as well as announced each talent’s designer and illustrator: Hiyori Asahikawa designed the cheerful and skilled FPS gamer pirate Jun Akane, while Suzuka Oda brought to life the icy prince and aspiring voice actor Yuki Kitashiro. In addition, fans should be sure to check PRISM Project’s official YouTube account for a debut trailer featuring the two new talents, voiced by the talents themselves.

Akane and Kitashiro will hold their debut relay live streams on Friday, June 9th starting at 7:00 PM US Pacific Daylight Time. Additional information about each talent will be posted via the talents’ social media channels in their weeklong pre-debut period.

V-Tuber Profiles

Jun Akane


“I heard the greatest treasure is friendship! I don’t think they make shovels for that…”

Longing for escape from his life on the streets, Jun Akane found himself tempted by rumors of magical treasure that could change his life forever. A chance meeting with a mysterious bird led him to discover four magical stones with power over the elements, giving him the arcane power to overthrow the pirate lords that terrorized his island. As the new pirate captain, Jun raided and plundered the seas, but soon realized that he lacked the greatest treasure of all–friendship.

Debut: June 9, 7 PM PDT

Yuki Kitashiro

“Hope you’re not afraid of the cold… Wouldn’t want you getting frostbite.”

 A prince of a cold, icy northern kingdom, Yuki was identified at a young age for his magical talents but found himself pressed into service not as a diplomat-in-training or a great general-to-be, but as a child assassin. Rumors of his ghastly deeds spread, and so too did his internal conflict over what he had become. Darkness threatened to consume him whole, but at the brink of losing complete control, fate gave him a chance at redemption and guided him towards purer aspirations – that of happiness and acceptance.

Debut: June 9, 8 PM PDT

Source: Press Release