Noizi Ito, Hajime Kamoshida, and Mine Yoshizaki named as Supporters of the 1st TATESC COMICS Global Awards

KADOKAWA CORPORATION began accepting international entries for “The 1st TATESC COMICS Global Awards” on March 9, 2023. KADOKAWA WORLD ENTERTAINMENT (Headquarters: New York; President: Kurt Hassler; hereinafter “KWE”) coordinates the contest for the English language. In an expansion of the award, a new “Supporter” system has been implemented, with top Japanese creators providing professional insight to emerging talent.

KADOKAWA is pleased to announce that Noizi Ito, Hajime Kamoshida, and Mine Yoshizaki have been appointed as “Supporters.”

What is a Supporter?

This is a program in which Japan’s top creators will support fledgling manga artists looking to take their artistic expression to the next level.

Supporters will offer further guidance to the winners for their debuts. Additional details will be released in due course!

Inaugural Comments by Supporters

Noizi Ito (Illustrator/Character Designer. Representative works: Shakugan no Shana series and Haruhi Suzumiya series.)

My name is Noizi Ito, and I am pleased to announce that I have been appointed as a supporter of the TATESC Comic Award.

I am very much looking forward to seeing the works of creators with experiences cultivated in different cultures from all over the world.

Stay spontaneous, follow your instincts, and create your own work!

We hope this contest will be a great first step for you.

Hajime Kamoshida (Author. Representative works: Rascal Does Not Dream series.)

I am Hajime Kamoshida, and I have been appointed as a supporter.

I am very much looking forward to seeing what kind of material will be waiting for me in the first global TATESC Comic Awards.

I can’t wait to see your works, brimming with enthusiasm and interesting ideas.

Mine Yoshizaki (Manga artist. Representative works: Sgt. Frog.)

As various cultures develop and evolve, the “manga” we know today will also change.

I participated in this event because I found it to be a valuable opportunity to study a new form of “manga” that has evolved to meet the needs of the current era.

I look forward to seeing new forms of expression made possible through the TATESC comics format.

Source: Press Release