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Nintendo Promises To Keep Player Accounts To Use For Next System

While we love to praise Nintendo on Outerhaven and have a podcast dedicated to all they do, we must admit that they aren’t the most “forward-thinking” company on certain aspects of gaming culture. One of them is how they handle online play and everything that comes with it. They’re known for making online play useable and fun at times, but they’re nowhere near as advanced as Sony or Microsoft in this market. With each console generation, one would hope they get better, and they might have just taken a small step toward that goal.

Their president, Shuntaro Furukawa, has apparently said that the next console, whatever it is, won’t require a new Nintendo account for gamers to make. Instead, you’ll be able to transfer it over without much issue. The goal is to make a “smooth transition” to the new system, and we’re sure many gamers would approve of that.