Pikmin 4, Shigeru Miyamoto

Nintendo reveals captivating yet humorous Pikmin 4 story trailer

Pikmin 4 has been a bit of an anomaly for Nintendo. It was announced YEARS ago with the promise that it would “be out soon,” and yet it never did. Fast forward to 2023, and it’s finally coming out in a little over a month. At the Nintendo Direct in February, we got the first true look at the game, and it showed plenty of gameplay footage. But today, Nintendo decided to shadow-drop the story trailer for the title, and it’s rather unique.

In Pikmin 4, you won’t play as Olimar or the other members of the Rescue Corps that we’ve met so far. Instead, you’ll be CREATING your own custom member of the Corps and be sent on a mission to a new planet to try and rescue them all! Crash landings are apparently an obstacle these “rescuers” can’t avoid…

It’s a simple trailer, but it gets the message across, you’ll be making your own way through this game, and there’s still plenty about this planet we don’t know. The game arrives on Nintendo Switch on July 21st.