Manta Announces Premiere Date for Under the Oak Tree Season 3

Manta announced the anticipated premiere of the third season of its popular title, Under the Oak Tree, scheduled for July 21, 2023 (09:00 EDT).

Under the Oak

Under the Oak Tree, a captivating fantasy romance adapted from the best-selling novel by Kim Suji of the same name has been a driving force behind Manta’s remarkable growth since its launch in 2017. Adapted by Namu and Seomal, and illustrated by P, the series has garnered critical acclaim and a devoted fan base for its magnificent artwork, engaging storytelling, and well-crafted character development.

The story revolves around a noble lady Maximilian, the eldest daughter of the Croyso family burdened by a debilitating inferiority complex and a lack of self-respect, and Riftan, a respected knight. Despite the difficulties and misunderstandings they face, their love for each other grows bigger and stronger, prompting Maxililian’s desire to transform herself into the worthy lady of Riftan’s affection.

Season 2 concluded with the unexpected introduction of Princess Agnes, a new female character, setting the stage for further developments in Maximilian and Riftan’s love story.

Fans can mark their calendar for the premiere of Under the Oak Tree Season 3 on July 21, followed by weekly releases of new episodes afterward.

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