Manga Planet Adds 3 New Titles from HERO’S INC

Manga Planet is pleased to announce the addition of the following manga titles* from HERO’S INC. Below are the titles that you can check out soon:

Killing Bites, Volumes 1–11


Authors: Shinya Murata and Kazasa Sumita

Nomoto, a dull young man, is taken to a junkyard by a mysterious girl named Hitomi.

In this place for the forsaken, a gruesome battle takes place. The opponents are “Brutes,” hybrids with the mind of men and the strength of beasts. Fangs clash with fangs; desire, madness and ferocity mix together.

And the name of this battle is “Killing Bites”!

My future starts today ~Miku&Kyoko~, Volumes 1–2

Author: Akihito Yoshitomi

Kyoko and Miku are childhood friends attending the same high school.

One day, Miku confesses to Kyoko that she loves her. Miku tells Kyoko that she doesn’t have to respond right away, but she wants her to decide whether or not to have a serious relationship with they graduate. Until then, Kyoko can do or say whatever she wants to Miku.

The story of Kyoko and Miku, a thrilling love experiment between two girls, begins…!

Rosen Garten Saga, Volume 1

Authors: Fujisakimori and Bakotsu Tonooka

Lyn’s village falls under attack by bandits and amidst the chaos she gets her hands on a special sword.

The sword turns out to be a magic sword that houses the soul of the great hero Siegfried, and with its power Lyn makes short work of the bandits.

However another throbbing “sword” has sprouted from between her legs?!

*Release dates to be announced later.

Source: Press Release