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Lies of P Director Responds to Feedback and Concerns Arising from Recent Demo

During a recent Q&A, Jiwon Choi, the director of the upcoming Soulslike title, Lies of P, addressed several questions regarding the title. These questions were formulated from the ongoing Lies of P demo that is still available until June 26, 2023. While no one had a chance to submit direct questions, I felt that the developer went through all the feedback and answered the outstanding ones, several of which I had concerns about as well.

You can check out the entire video below or check out the cliff notes of the video under that.

  • Round8 Studio has looked at countless gameplay footage and is reevaluating the dodge mechanic, as many have complained about it during the Lies of P demo. No mention of what the developer is planning to do about it yet.
  • Character control, lock-on mechanics, and camera controls (among others) are being refined. This is great, as many also complained about the controls being clunky compared to those from Fromsoftware.
  • Also working on making the combat impactful, which was something I’ve seen people complain about.
  • Round8 Studios is working on making the enemy’s movements easier to read, which will help those who struggled with the parry system.

The Outerhaven’s Lies of P Demo Impressions

  • Refining the guides to help those new to Soulslike is a priority, and they want everyone who plays the game to enjoy it.
  • While the demo was already seen as being optimized, the developer is working on improving the game more, specifically on the visuals and the loading times.
  • The leveling system was international and will stay in place, as Hotel Krat is central to the story. However, due to this, they made it easier to travel to the hotel, and addressing the load times is pivotal.
  • There are lots of secrets hidden without Hotel Krat.
  • The sound system is being overhauled—mainly the environmental sounds and the ability for players to locate enemies even before they see them.
  • Is happy with the number of players who tried the demo and have provided feedback.
  • Ultimately want to provide an amazing experience for everyone who’ll play the completed project.

Overall, it was a good Q&A, and I felt that Jiwon Choi wants everyone to enjoy Lies of P, and it shows how passionate he and his team is about the game. To be honest, given that they even put out a demo this far away from the release date and are taking time out to address concerns, and are being transparent about what they plan to do about them, it speaks volumes.

Lies of P is an upcoming action RPG (Soulslike) where you are playing the role of Pinocchio in a dark Fantasy world as you search for your father and look to find out why the other puppets in the world are behaving as they are. You are unique, as you can lie, something other puppets can’t do. The game also features several exciting gameplay mechanics that feel unique in a sea of so many “me-to” Soulslike titles.

Lies of P is scheduled for a September 19, 2023, release date for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.