Ize Press Licenses English Print Edition of Finding Camellia

As announced by ICv2, Ize Press will be releasing the English print edition of the popular Korean webcomic—Finding Camellia.

Finding Camellia

Finding Camellia

Art by Seureureuk Comics
Adapted by Bokyung Kong
Original Story by Jin Soye

Camellia is taken from her mother and everything she knows at the young age of twelve, and thrust into the role of Camellius Bale, the second son of an aristocratic family. Amid all the secrets and lies, Camellia swears that one day, she will reclaim the name and life that was stolen from her!

Finding Camellia is a historical romance manhwa originally serialized by Ridibooks in Korea. Love triangle romances featuring cross-dressing heroines have captivated fans of Asian media since the early 2000s. As one of the most well-known Korean comics featuring a heroine trying to pass herself off as a man, this fantasy comic appeals to those looking for a coming-of-age story of a girl overcoming the odds while hiding her identity.

The on-sale date of this English print edition will be announced at a later date on the Ize Press social media pages.

Source: Press Release