Hi-Fi Rush – Arcade Challenge adds new gameplay modes and more

While we didn’t see or hear about the rumored Hi-FI Rush DLC, we did get to see it revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase Extended 2023, and a new and free DLC called Hi-Fi RUSH – Arcade Challenge was revealed. This new content adds two gameplay modes to the game; Power Up! Tower Up!  and BPM Rush, and it is available now!

Power Up! Tower Up! is a roguelike of sorts, as it features a downgraded version of Chai and challenges players to survive through a challenge tower, powering Chai up as you progress through random power-ups that you’ll acquire after finishing each floor. BPM Rush will push players to the limit by speeding up the combat, getting faster as you defeat waves of enemies.

There are also a number of cosmetic upgrades and over 800 accessories for players to change the way characters looks, photo mode filters, and poses to spice things up.

All in all, this isn’t the new story content that we were looking forward to, but it is a nice reason to dive back into Hi-Fi Rush if you haven’t done so in a while.