DEN-ON-BU 3rd LIVE -SOUL EVOLUTION- Available on Stagecrowd until July 3

The global live streaming service “Stagecrowd” streamed ”DEN-ON-BU 3rd LIVE -SOUL EVOLUTION-” to 19 overseas countries and regions on June 24 and June 25.  Fans that missed the live broadcast can catch the rebroadcast until July 3rd 11:59pm JST.
Virtual and real performers group “DEN-ON-BU” is a project Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. is undertaking, centering on characters producing authentic dance music. It is a mixed media IP featuring songs and accompanying illustrations by enthusiastic creatives.
What is DEN-ON-BU?
Virtual and real performers group DEN-ON-BU is an original music characters project by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., focusing mainly on authentic dance music. This special IP (intellectual property) promotes a media mix that combines music and illustrations by up-and- coming creators and a live performance system that integrates gaming AI and XR technology, the powerful fruit of the BANDAI NAMCO Group’s latest technologies.
In this entirely innovative original music IP project, the number of original songs has already exceeded 100, and the number of subscribed listeners is over 800,000 now and is capturing the hearts of even more music fans inside and outside Japan. In fiscal year 2022, DEN-ON-BU doubled the number of listeners on Spotify compared to the previous year, and it is still growing rapidly as a new type of music content.
DEN-ON-BU consists of five virtual areas, [AKIBA] [HARAJUKU] [AZABU] [SHIBUYA] [KABUKI], each of which has its own different genre of dance music. And in each area, attractive and
unique virtual characters are energetically engaged in musical activities.
Source: Press Release