Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt’s THE SIXTH GUN Returns with the DELUXE OMNIBUS LIBRARY on Kickstarter

After nearly 15 years, more than 60 issues, and a landslide of critical acclaim, the longest running creator-owned series in the history of Oni Press lives again on Kickstarter with a brand-new pre-order campaign setting the stage for the return of THE SIXTH GUN from co-creators Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt in 2025!

It all begins with THE SIXTH GUN DELUXE OMNIBUS LIBRARY – debuting today exclusively on Kickstarter with four, deluxe hardcover volumes collecting the totality of the bullet-riddled action epic that CBR calls “a modern comic book classic”…plus, over the course of this campaign, up to three ALL-NEW prelude one-shots setting the stage for Bunn and Hurtt’s upcoming return to the world of THE SIXTH GUN in 2025, just in time for the series’ 15th anniversary!

Featuring the entirety of the series’ groundbreaking, 50-issue run from THE SIXTH GUN #1–50 – plus the companion THE SIXTH GUN: SONS OF THE GUN #1-5, THE SIXTH GUN: DAYS OF THE DEAD #1-5, THE SIXTH GUN: DUST TO DUST #1-3, and THE SIXTH GUN: VALLEY OF DEATH #1-3 series, alongside the standalone spin-off series, SHADOW ROADS #1-10 – across four hardcover volumes spanning more than 1,500 pages, THE SIXTH GUN DELUXE OMNIBUS LIBRARY is the ultimate opportunity to experience Bunn and Hurtt’s occult odyssey through the Old West for long-time fans and first-time readers alike.

Also debuting exclusively as part of this campaign, Oni is giving fans the first look ahead at the long-awaited, much-anticipated return of THE SIXTH GUN – slated for release in 2025 in coincide with the series’ 15th anniversary – with three, all-new prelude stories that will unlock as the campaign reaches new milestones over the course of its 30-day run, and will be packaged as self-contained, 24-page issues in the standard comic book format to accompany THE SIXTH GUN DELUXE OMNIBUS LIBRARY’s multiple hardcover volumes.


Revealing the first new SIXTH GUN stories written by Bunn and illustrated by Hurtt since the series’ triple-sized finale with THE SIXTH GUN #50 in 2016, each self-contained tale will spotlight a new dimension to the world that has emerged in the aftermath of THE SIXTH GUN’s explosive conclusion…and lay the groundwork for the revelatory adventure yet to come when THE SIXTH GUN is REBORN anew in 2025. Plus: As an extra-added bonus, each standalone prelude will also include chapters of a brand-new SIXTH GUN prose story in the tradition of the great Western dime novels – written by Bunn with spot illustrations by Hurtt!

“From the moment we wrapped up THE SIXTH GUN, Brian and I have been discussing how we might return to that world,” said Cullen Bunn. “SHADOW ROADS was a successor to the original story, yes, but we intentionally distanced those stories from the original material. We were treading very carefully. We had poured our blood, sweat, and tears into this epic Old West fantasy, and we didn’t want to return too haphazardly. We wanted to make sure we had an amazing story to tell. Now, we’ve found that story. And it’s going to be something special. It fuses THE SIXTH GUN and SHADOW ROADS into a new supernatural epic. When we discuss this new story, this new direction, I get positively giddy. It’s the same feeling of excitement I experienced when we were cooking up THE SIXTH GUN in the first place.”

The year is 1866. The Confederacy has fallen, but evil still pervades a scarred nation. In the aftermath of the Civil War, rebel general Oliander Hume – mad with bloodlust and warped even further by the force of an impossibly dark magic – searches the frontier for six guns: ancient weapons of unspeakable occult power, believed to convey to otherworldly gifts to the unlucky souls who would possess them. Most important of all to Hume’s quest: THE SIXTH GUN, the last and most powerful of these cursed relics, and the key to unleashing Armageddon upon the world as we know it.

“There’s no better feeling than creative collaboration and there is no better collaborator than Cullen Bunn,” said Brian Hurtt. “Together, we built this world of THE SIXTH GUN—a sandbox full of endless possibilities and endless stories—and we played out our biggest tale there. We thought we’d said our peace. We thought we’d left it all on the field. But this universe we created had different plans for us. Now, we have a new story to tell—one we feel compelled to tell. A story that not only honors what came before but even enriches it. I feel like Dorothy returning to Oz and I can hardly wait to share this journey with readers!”

Created by Eisner Award-winning writer Cullen Bunn (Harrow County, X-Men: Blue) and illustrator Brian Hurtt (Hard Times), THE SIXTH GUN universe also features the talents of illustrators Tyler Crook (Harrow County), Mike Norton (Revival), Brian Churilla (Hellboy & the BPRD), and A.C. Zamudio (Death Follows), along with the masterful colors of Bill Crabtree (BRZRKR), rounding out an all-star cast of graphic storytellers.

Each of the print editions offered in this campaign features 6.625” x 10.1875” hardcovers newly redesigned by Scott Sugiuchi (Estrus: Shovelin’ the $@%& Since ’87) and specially formatted to showcase the entirety of THE SIXTH GUN saga in all of its gunslinging glory– plus exclusive and exceedingly limited upgrades available at every tier, including never-before-seen variant covers by comics master Chris Samnee (Daredevil), signed and remarqued editions, exclusive merchandise, and much, much more!

Before THE SIXTH GUN is reborn anew in 2025 with an all-new series coming soon to comic shops everywhere, relive each page of a true modern comics masterpiece with THE SIXTH GUN DELUXE OMNIBUS LIBRARY…and prepare for THE SIXTH GUN’s upcoming return with three brand-new, one-shot preludes that will lay the groundwork the stage for the series’ next stunning chapter – never to be released in this format ever again!

Source: Press Release