One True Love, Mario Candelaria

Comic Interview: Writer Mario Candelaria Talks Crime Noir Drama “One True Love”

There are many creators here on The Outerhaven that do their own thing outside of writing for the website, and we know that there are MANY more creators who are working on great projects all the time. One such creator is a friend of mine named Mario Candelaria, who has been a comic writer for many years and has had multiple books released under multiple publishers. One of his newest projects is called “One True Love,” a story I know he’s been working hard to make for many years. It’s currently on Kickstarter and in its final week, no less! So I reached out to Mario to talk about the comic and what went into it!

Hey Mario, glad to have you for this interview! To those who haven’t read the Kickstarter page yet, what is One True Love?

Mario: Hi! So One True Love is a graphic novel inspired by everything I love about crime noir books. It’s a slow-burn journey into paranoia as two criminals in the afterglow of a successful heist try to navigate what comes next.

What drew you to this specific story and genre? Why do you feel this story needs to be told?

Mario: I’ve always loved crime stories. Movies, books, and everything in between. It’s as ingrained into who I am as a consumer of entertainment as eating popcorn has become at the movies. One could say I was born to tell this story.

Very nice! Who is working with you on the comic, and how did you react when you saw their artwork for your script?

Mario: My homie J Paul Schiek is the illustrator, and I am always impressed with the angles he chooses for each panel. He has a way of making everything look cinematic, and I had a feeling he was the right person for this as soon as we met.

Kickstarter is not just about the project being made, but the rewards being offered. What would you say are the best rewards on the Kickstarter?

Mario: Being drawn into the book is probably the best one. Not just drawn in but given dialogue as a supporting character in a scene or two.

An enticing offer, indeed! For those who still aren’t sold, why should people take a chance on you and this 

Mario: This is a passion project without any backing from big, sexy studios or publishers. This is someone pulling themselves up from their bootstraps and showing an entire industry who they are and what they can do. Essentially, I am a creator with no one to answer to, nothing to lose, and everything to gain from this.

Again, the Kickstarter for this story is in its FINAL WEEK! So check it out and see if you’d be up for pledging to it!