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Chrono Trigger Rumored To Be Getting 2D-HD Remake!

There are a LOT of rumors going on in the gaming space right now, and to be blunt, it’s a bit annoying. For example, there are numerous rumors saying that there’s going to be a Nintendo Direct coming this week or next, or possibly next month. But until Nintendo says it’s happening, you can’t take it seriously. Just as numerous are the rumors are certain games getting revealed, or getting remakes, etc. The latest title to be in that rumor mill is the all-time classic Chrono Trigger.

Hailed as one of the greatest RPGs ever, Chrono Trigger set a tone for what RPGs could be on consoles and beyond with its deep story, battle system, and numerous endings. Not to mention the animated cutscenes and distinct characters. According to “insider” Zippo, not only are we getting a remake, we’re getting one in the 2D-HD style from Square Enix. That’s not the worst move as it could give the game a new “coat of paint” alongside some potential gameplay improvements.

But, it should be noted that Zippo isn’t that reliable as a source. So only time will tell if Square Enix is really doing this.