Blue Protocol Bandai Namco

Blue Protocol’s Strong Launch in Japan Builds Confidence in West

The MMORPG Blue Protocol, created by Bandai Namco Online, had a strong launch regardless of the fierce competition that it has in Japan. Bandai Namco has released some of the stats that show off what they are excited to report.

  • Since the game’s PC launch on June 14, the total number of players in Japan has exceeded 600,000 and is continuing to grow.
  • The number of concurrent players in the game has exceeded 200,000.
  • Blue Protocol has reached these milestones faster than any other game in Bandai Namco Online’s history in the PC online service market for Japan.

Blue Protocol is expected to release in the West, but sadly not until 2024, and we don’t have a release window as of yet. When it does launch, it will be available for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. You can currently download it in Japanese if you don’t want to wait for a localized launch.