BlazBlue Entropy Effect to Be Exhibited at BitSummit Let’s Go!! 2023

91Act Technology Co., Ltd. (91Act), led by CEO Michael Jiang, is set to exhibit their newest creation, BlazBlue Entropy Effect, at the much-anticipated BitSummit Let’s Go!! 2023 this coming July. BlazBlue Entropy Effect is an Action Roguelite game conceived and developed by 91Act under the authorization of Arc System Works Co., Ltd., and is a derivative work of the BlazBlue series.

BlazBlue Entropy

According to the press release, the game is described as follows:

90 years ago, an unprecedented earthquake ravaged Earth, unleashing menacing particles known as Entropy Particles from its fissures. People around the world died of Awareness Corruption once they were exposed in these fast-spreading particles. The survivors sought refuge on higher ground, and established a city called Sky’s City. To save humanity from the precipice of annihilation, the city’s governing body, SkyEyes, developed a program called ACE to help train people’s awareness and resist the corruption of Entropy Particles. The protagonist is one of the participants of ACE awareness training project. However, while overcoming one challenge after another in ACE, he is forced into various conspiracies and his choices will affect the destiny of the entire world.

Players enter a world interwoven with virtual and real elements through the Awareness Connect

Engine, aka ACE. They incarnate as characters from the BlazBlue series to challenge various mysterious spaces and battle dangerous enemies. Players will enjoy the excitement of dynamic Roguelite play-throughs and character growth, and unfold the story as they venture through the game.

In BlazBlue Entropy Effect, players can iterate their combat skills by activating exclusive Potential Skills of characters, and by blending skills of seven elements (Umbra, Ice, Electricity, Toxin, Light, Fire, Blade). Skills and abilities of players’ well-trained characters can be inherited by new characters to start a fresh exploration. As the exploration deepens, players will discover more truths, and the choices they make will lead them to different endings.

People attending BitSummit Let’s Go!! 2023 will be able to test the game on-site!

Source: Press Release