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Asus Is Aware of the Asus ROG Ally SD Card Reader Issues

In my earlier article, I discussed the reports and concerns regarding the Asus ROG Ally SD Card reader causing issues, such as damaging microSD cards. While I had written to Asus about this, it would seem the company is aware of concerns. The senior marketing manager of gaming content at Asus, Whitson Gordon, has stated that Asus is aware of the reports regarding the Asus ROG Ally SD Card reader and is investigating the issue. This update comes directly from the official Republic of Gamers Discord.

Asus Rog Ally SD Card Reader Update 6-26-2023

Good morning Ally crew! Small update today to note that the team is aware of reports regarding the SD card reader and is currently investigating the issue.

In addition, the team is also continuing to investigate preview reports such as deadzones, and audio crackling. We have no updates on the progress yet, but wanted to let you know the team is in fact still working.

Finally, last week we also released a public changelog for a myriad of Arrmoury Crate SE, Bios, and driver updates that have hit the allow in the past few weeks. You can read more about them here (link is below). Note that the this does not include the latest AMD graphics drive, which we recommend update for the best in-game performance.

Release Notes – Republic of Gamers Forum (

There you have it. Asus is working on this, and while there’s no update yet, it’s good to know they are aware of it. For now, as I mentioned in my earlier article, I’d stop using any microSD cards. That is unless you don’t care about them. I’d wait until Asus gives us the go-ahead to use the SD Card reader, whenever that may be. Until then, if you need more storage, your best resort is to update the 512GB to something larger.