WEBTOON and Discord Announce New Content Partnership with Exclusive Perks

WEBTOON and Discord today announced their first-ever partnership with the original webcomic miniseries Wumpus Wonderventures.”


The four-episode “Wumpus Wonderventures” webcomic follows Discord’s time-traveling character and friend to all, Wumpus, as they stumble upon the dark fates awaiting humanity. The new adventure strikes a darkly comedic balance, tackling grander topics while maintaining a lighthearted tone.

“Wumpus Wonderventures” is produced by renowned visual entertainment studio Merryweather Media in collaboration with WEBTOON and Discord. The prolific Merryweather Media has worked with WEBTOON on multiple hits, including the Ringo Award-winning WEBTOON Original “Clinic of Horrors” created in partnership with PokuriMio, “Everywhere & Nowhere,” “Winter Moon,” “The Steam Dragon Express,” and more.

As part of this new collaboration, WEBTOON users who read all episodes of the “Wumpus Wonderventures” miniseries by June 8 will receive a code for a free one-month trial of Discord Nitro, a premium subscription offering that enhances users’ self-expression abilities and helps users unleash more fun with their friends, valid from June 8 through July 10. From May 10 to June 8, current Discord Nitro subscribers will be offered 10 free WEBTOON coins, which users can use to access new episodes of their favorite series.

In addition to the new series, WEBTOON has launched a dedicated WEBTOON Discord server, providing a space for fans and creators to interact and connect over all things WEBTOON and webcomics.

“Community and creativity are central to webcomics and the millions of passionate fans who visit WEBTOON every day,” said WEBTOON’s VP of Content, David Lee. “Discord provides an unparalleled space for community-building, and this partnership will enable more fan engagement for WEBTOON stories and creators. We’re excited to give WEBTOON fans and creators another way to connect and share their passion for webcomics.”

The partnership is the latest collaboration to bring the biggest brands in pop culture, gaming, and entertainment to new audiences on WEBTOON. Recent partners and content collaborations include Ubisoft for the much-anticipated “Assassin’s Creed: Forgotten Temple” series, WEBTOON’s DC webcomics slate, and series from Archie Comics, Marvel, Riot Games’ VALORANT, KRAFTON’s PUBG universe, and many more.

Source: Press Release